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Classes and workshops for learning new skills or honing your craft.

We have brought together professionals from across the industry to share their experience and skills.

Just starting on your journey as an actor? There’s a class for that. Want to improve your audition technique? There’s a workshop for that. Want to get yourself “stunt-read” for a new role? There’s training for that. Want to learn about other sides of the industry like makeup, design, filmmaking - don’t worry more classes are coming soon!

We’re a community so don’t hesitate to get in touch if there are other classes you would like to see available. 


SCREEN STUDY With Actor/producer James Northcote


What makes an Oscar winning performance? Actor James Northcote (The Imitation Game, The Last Kingdom) introduces you to screen acting principals through the performances of some of the worlds greatest actors. Learn to improve your craft through observation and criticism with 4 x 2hr weekly workshops. Each class will be a mixture of practical exercises, discussion and group work focusing on some of the most famous scenes in Cinema and Television history: an in depth study of great performances for long term improvements to your craft. 






All classes are on Zoom and start at 6.30pm (BST London) and run for 2 hours +

TOTAL: £110

Only £27.50 per class

4 classes

Class: 15 actors

All levels





Oscar Nominated Director

Jamie Donoughue  


This 8 part course will be aimed at trained actors looking to break into the industry or solidify their fledgling careers. 

Aimed specifically at working in TV & Film we will examine and refine the skills needed to succeed. From initial auditioning all the way through to post production, we will look at the role an actor plays and how to ensure you deliver the best performance that appears on screen. 

You will be required to learn and perform up to two sides a week. This will be an intensive course in which we will work as a group. There will also be a number of high-profile industry guests invited to offer further specialised tips. Including a BAFTA award-winning editor who will work with Jamie in the room. You will need to be able to do self tapes for this class! So make sure you have a reader that can help you tape. 


The course will include:
The Technicalities of performing on a Film/TV set
Learning to work with the Director & Crew
The Power of Blocking
The Reality of Performing ‘In the Moment’
Continuity & Pick Ups
Acting for the Edit
Casting, Auditioning & Self-Taping




TOTAL: £320 

£40 a class / £13.33 per hour!


Dates: Sat 20th June; Wed 24th June; Sat 27th June; Wed 1st July; Sat 4th July (Happy Independence Day); Wed 8th July; Sat 11th July; Wed 15th July.



The Actor’s Community is delighted to announce that Mark Rowley, star of Netflix’s Last Kingdom, and founding member, will lead our online advanced acting class along with other invited leading professionals.

"It is no exaggeration to say these classes have had the most profound impact on my life. Through Marks down to earth, relatable and friendly nature- he guided us through his process. We were able to physically go through his acting process from script to character and then put it into practise ourselves. It has completely changed the way I look at scripts and the development of character forever..."- Katie Fry

Next Advanced/Professional Class coming soon...

Time and Date: TBC

12 Actors

£35 per class / £11.66 per hr

Within classes we will break down the text - ‘detective work’ - to find hidden clues and use your own life to enrich the life of the character. We will then work on scenes from the script and apply the technique. You will find the joy of exploring and creating! 


You will study a text provided by the tutor and be expected to prepare a speech of your own choice. These classes are
designed for actors over 18 years of age who have acting experience or some kind of training. They are the perfect starting point for those musical theatre actors who are looking to pivot
into TV and Film.

Note from Mark
'I’m really excited to get involved as an acting coach! I have been so fortunate to have worked with award winning actors and directors throughout my career. I want to pass on what they have so graciously shared with myself...'

acting class with actors Leigh Quinn, Andrew rothneY & mark rowley

Unlock your potential!

Leigh Quinn (Royal Shakespeare Company Member for over 5 years) and Andrew Rothney (National Theatre Leading Actor/Marry Queen of Scots/The Spanish Princess) will be taking 8 classes through Zoom + Bonus Masterclass with Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom/North Water/Macbeth). All sessions have been designed to explore creating a character, breaking down text, improvisation and acting for TV and Film. If you are wanting to kick start your acting career, then look no further. Andrew and Leigh have an abundence of TV, Film and Theatre experience to get you on the right track.

Weekly beginner classes.

Every Wednesday 6.30 - 8.30pm (BST)

Saturday 6pm - 8.30pm (BST)

12 students per class