PAST GUESTS & masterclasses with...


The Actor's Community would like to extend thanks to those who have given their time & knowledge to help run masterclasses and free classes with our members!

Eliza Butterworth Crop B&W

Eliza Butterworth

Naomi McDonald Crop B&W

Naomi McDonald

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Meet The Team

Our coaches and guests are delighted to be on board and are ready to offer their knowledge
and wisdom. To find out more about each coach, click on their profile photo below!

James Northcote Crop B&W

James Northcote

Leigh Quinn Crop B&W

Leigh Quinn

Mark Rowley Crop B&W

Mark Rowley


Voice & accent

Musical TheatrE

Andrew Rothney Crop B&W

Andrew Rothney


Harry McEntire


Martin Bassindale

Adam Gillan Crop B&W

Adam Gillian

Molly Dobbs

Zach Flis Crop B&W

Zach Flis