The a.c. team

To start with, we are all friends. We have either worked together on stage; filming a TV show; went to the same drama school; or even attended the same youth theatre many moons ago. What binds us even more than friendship, is our passion for our work. We want to share our skills and welcome you to a creative community that will inspire you to go above and beyond your self-imposed limitations.

Mark Rowley
Founder of The A.C.
Acting Coach

Molly Dobbs
Head of Operations
Acting Coach

Harry McEntire
Program Co-Ordinator
Head Acting Coach


Andrew Rothney
Acting Coach

Eliza Butterworth
Acting and Voice Coach

Adam Gillian
Acting Coach

Martin Bassindale
Acting Coach
Movement Teacher

James Northcote
Acting Coach

RSC Actor Leigh Quinn

Leigh Quinn
Acting Coach