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The perfect place to learn new skills and hone your craft.

We have brought together professionals from across the industry to share their experience and skills. All our coaches/mentors are fully established in the acting industry. Collectively we have over a century of professional experience.

The classes have been designed to get the best out of you! Be fearless, inquisitive, playful, dare to fail and have fun! We want to inspire and encourage you to go beyond what you think you are capable of. Learn from our guest mentors/coaches and obtain the knowledge that will help you grow as an artist.  

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  • Advanced Acting

    Mastering Self Tapes

    This class is for advanced and professional actors only. If you want to take part then please email in your CV and Headshot by the 7th of November. 


    This class will be lead by actor Mark Rowley, award-winning actor Harry McEntire and our movement expert and actor Martin Bassindale. 


    Weekly professional acting classes. 

    The 6 classes will concentrate on perfecting your self tape skills. This is about being brave and utterly fearless with your tapes. Let us empower you to make strong choices that will make you stand out from the crowd. We will work on script analysis, working with in the frame, building up the world around you, mastering self-direction and HAVING FUN!


    We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you all…



    Nov 16th

    Monday Class

    6pm - 9pm (GMT)

    Mark Rowley (lead actor), Harry McEntire (award-winning actor), and Martin Bassindale (movement expert)

    Led by


  • Shakespeare Masterclass

    This Masterclass, led by three Royal Shakespeare Company actors, will combine text analysis, character study and performance techniques in order to enable actors to understand, own and dynamically perform Shakespeare with confidence.



    Nov 12th

    Thursday Class

    6pm- 9pm (GMT)

    Joseph Millson, Leigh Quinn and Harry McEntire (RSC Actors)

    led by


  • Acting Fundementals

    This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of acting. We will spend the 4 weeks focusing on terminology, character tasks, script analysis and different techniques for getting in character based on the classic acting styles such as Meisner, Stanaslovski, Laban and more.


    This class is perfect for someone who wants to get a good grip of the vocabulary and structure of an acting class so that they can walk into any of our courses feeling confident that they will be able to perform to the best of their ability. We will liaise with the other acting courses offered to make sure all the course material reflects what the higher level classes are teaching. 


    This class would also be perfect for someone who wants to supplement their other acting classes with a 'back to basics' approach to really hone their technique. 


    All Levels

    Dec 13th

    Sunday Class


    Molly Dobbs (International Regional Theatre Lead)

    Led by


"The Actor's Community has been life changing in respect for my training and understanding as an actor. The tools, tips and techniques I have gained through classes with Mark, Leigh, Andrew and Martin are invaluable to any actor at any stage of their training or career."


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