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Luke Lyon-Wall

Luke is a writer and story coach. He has worked with Robert McKee (author of Story and Hollywood script consultant), Bassim El-Wakil (co- author of Action: The Art of Excitement) and various producers/actors including Amy Tuckwell (Taskmaster), James Northcote (The Last Kingdom), Elisabeth Hopper (Doctor Who, Black Mirror) and Marie Lawrence (Class Dismissed, Murder in Successville). 


Luke was a regular contributor to numerous satirical news sites totalling page views of over 17 million. His credits include comedy monologues about mental health and the DIY music industry published in Papercuts: Volumes 1 & 2, and on the independent music website Shout Louder. He was a staff writer at Story Terrace, and contributed to BBC Radio comedy shows Newsjack, Show What You Wrote and the comedy podcast Sketch Please!  


He assisted Robert McKee with updating many of his courses, including his Television and Comedy writing webinar series. Luke was co-host of the writing podcast The Story Toolkit with Bassim El-Wakil, and has written for The Script Lab. He recently worked as a screenwriter, story coach, and helped produce short animated films for the mobile phone apps Fabulous and Shape (10m+ downloads). 


Luke’s eclectic and extensive story background gives him a unique knowledge of the craft, and works with both businesses and individual clients on how to take ideas from inspiration to a fully realised story.  

Writer and story coach

what Writers / clients have said

“Luke has an uncanny ability to answer the questions his students don’t even realise they need to ask. He’s a master of weaving vital knowledge into interesting stories. Led by wisdom and kindness, no one goes unseen under Luke’s tutelage. His extensive experience is a huge benefit as it allows him to provide all necessary guidance. I can confidently say that I’ve learned more from him than any other teacher, and I’d jump at the chance to be his student again.”

“Luke's help with my writing process has been quite simply invaluable. It is solely thanks to Luke that my stories went from being rough ideas and scribbled notes to finished bodies of work that I can be proud of. He invests himself in the story wholeheartedly, whilst keeping a professional distance and allowing me as an author to make the tough decisions that every project requires. Approachable, insightful and driven, Luke helped me see the direction I wanted my projects to go in and expertly presented questions and ideas that I would never have considered. With all of my creative endeavors, Luke is my first port of call.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Luke before, when he was directing a Tom Stoppard play I was in. More recently, however, we have had some 1:1 time regarding my dissertation, which I was struggling with. His knowledge of writing theory is immense, and standards high, yet I never felt overwhelmed by his suggestions. He is extremely supportive and I would recommend his services to anyone, whether an actor or writer, from total beginner to advanced.”

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