This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of acting. We will spend the 4 weeks focusing on terminology, character tasks, script analysis and different techniques for getting in character based on the classic acting styles such as Meisner, Stanaslovski, Laban and more.


This class is perfect for someone who wants to get a good grip of the vocabulary and structure of an acting class so that they can walk into any of our courses feeling confident that they will be able to perform to the best of their ability. We will liaise with the other acting courses offered to make sure all the course material reflects what the higher level classes are teaching. 


This class would also be perfect for someone who wants to supplement their other acting classes with a 'back to basics' approach to really hone their technique. 

Main lessons will be lead by professional international actor Molly Dobbs.

Acting Fundamentals 


Led by... 



Molly Dobbs (Regional Theatre Lead)



December 13th, 20th

January 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th

Time (BST)



Online via Zoom

No of Classes


important info



£25 per class

There will be 14 actors per class

You must be 16+ to participate in this class

All Levels

Praise for Fundamentals 

"This class was worth every penny! Molly is a fantastic teacher. She struck a perfect balance between theoretical and practical work. Molly created a safe space to explore and ask any question without ever feeling silly. Highly Recommended!"



"Molly is such a nurturing and accepting person. She NEVER said anything that would have led on that she believed any of the students in her class did a bad job. She also answered emails that weren’t necessary to the course, and really put her heart and soul into each and every student...and the class itself. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the content, and made the class really fun! I am so sad the class is over and I can’t wait to take more classes with her!"



"Molly is just fantastic!  I took it as a compliment to a method acting class I am taking where I live and it exceeded my expectations.  I love what the Actor’s Community is doing so I plan to return!"


"I've just finished the six week session and it was a wonderful experience. I am completely new to acting and Molly blended theoretical learning with practical work, so beautifully. From the first session she made everyone feel welcome and comfortable enough to bring their best work to class and she enabled us to develop our skills and our relationships."


"I am 100% hooked. I had been out of the acting community for about 7 years and was very hesitant and intimidated to step back into it. Molly’s warm and friendly demeanor made me feel comfortable and welcome. I learned SO much in this class. Molly does a great job of explaining things in a variety of ways so you truly understand. Her passion for acting is very clear in her teachings."


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