Advanced Acting


Lead by:

Mark Rowley (lead actor) Harry McEntire (award-winning lead actor) and Martin Bassindale (movement expert)

This class is for advanced and professional actors only. If you want to take part then please email in your CV and Head Shot by the 7th of November. 


This class will be lead by actor Mark Rowley, award-winning actor Harry McEntire and our movement expert and actor Martin Bassindale. 


Weekly professional acting classes. 

The 6 classes will concentrate on perfecting your self tape skills. This is about being brave and utterly fearless with your tapes. Let us empower you to make strong choices that will make you stand out from the crowd. We will work on script analysis, working with in the frame, building up the world around you, mastering self-direction and HAVING FUN!


We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you all…



Begins November 16th for 6 consecutive weeks.

Time (BST)

6 - 9 pm


Online via Zoom

No of Classes


important info



£26 per class 

There will be 12 actors per class

You must be 18+ to participate in this class and you must email with a headshot and resume to submit for a spot. Submissions close Nov 7th

This class is designed for advanced or professional actors. 


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