Welcome to your deep dive Monologue Laboratory. For 4 weeks, we will be looking in depth into what it takes to build and refine a monologue that you can use for self tapes, auditions and to showcase your unique set of talents and castability.


Each student will get individualized work on a monologue of their choosing, from how to choose the perfect monologue for you, to how to analyze and prepare it, to how to perform it in the room or on the Zoom call! You'll also get to watch others monologues be worked on, and expand your repertoire of pieces, as well as exploring authentic acting choices, the flow and timbre of the piece and audition tips. 

The goal of this class is for you to walk away with a tailor made audition monologue that reflects both your talents and casting, that you can use for general auditions.

Monologue Lab

All Levels

Lead by... 



Molly Dobbs (international Regional lead)


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May 14th for 4 weeks excluding June 4th

Time (BST)

8:00 pm -10:00 BST


Online via Zoom

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There will be 12 actors per class

This class is open to all ages

This class is suitable for all levels