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Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom

"Hi everyone! I wanted to do a class on really useful tips and hints that I have learned throughout the years. I know a lot of members have found them useful with my 1-1 sessions so I wanted to share with all those who can attend. Hopefully they can help you book jobs or help you on set. The exercises are really useful for scene prep I have found. 


Exercise 1


Fast ways to build up your charcter's opinions of others and the world they live in. Perfect for line learning, self tapes and last minute changes the writer throws at you on set. Help's get you into your body. 


Exercise 2


Using the punctuation. Let's hope we all work with good scripts throughout our careers! A good writer will know how to use punctuation, so I have a handy exercise to help you embody the delivery and intention.  


Exercise 3


Finding the conflict within the text. Really useful for passionate scenes. Whether your having an argument or you're convincing someone that you love them. A really useful, quick technique to get the right energy for the scene. Useful for night shoots, when you are feeling tired and need that energy spike for the scene. 

I will send over relevant scripts and scenes to prep prior to the class. For Exercise 2, it would be useful if you had a speech you have learned previously - no stress if not as I can give you something before. Bringing in your own speech would give variety. Just email me the speech 5 days before the class."

3 Useful filming Exercises *online*

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Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom)


Acting Classes


August 17th

Time (BST)

6:00 pm -8:30 BST


Online via Zoom

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There will be 12 actors per class

This class is suitable for all levels

All Levels 

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