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"It is no exaggeration to say these classes have had the most profound impact on my life. Through Marks down to earth, relatable and friendly nature- he guided us through his process. We were able to physically go through his acting process from script to character and then put it into practise ourselves. It has completely changed the way I look at scripts and the development of character forever..."


The Actor’s Community is delighted to announce that Mark Rowley, one of the leading actors on Netflix’s The Last Kingdom, will be taking a weekend intensive course.

Within the class we will break down the text - 'detective work' - to find hidden clues and use your own life to enrich the life of the character. We will then work on scenes from the script and apply the technique. You will find the joy of exploring and creating. 

You will study a text provided by the coach/mentor and be expected to prepare a speech of your own choice. These classes are designed for actors over 18 years of age who have acting experience and some kind of training.

mark Rowley's personal acting checklist


Led by... 

Mark Rowley (Actor, Series Lead)

Acting Classes


July: 31st

Aug: 1st

Aug: 2nd

Time (BST)

5 - 9pm

6 - 9pm

5 - 9pm


Online via Zoom

No of Classes


important info



£50 per class / £13.63 per hour

There will be 12 actors per class

You must be 18+ to participate in this class

This class is designed for advanced/professional students


Advanced Acting Class with Actor Mark Rowley

Advanced Acting Class with Actor Mark Rowley

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