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December 3rd: Movement with Martin

8 pm GMT

Martin Bassindale is back with another fabulous movement class. Martin, an RSC actor who trained at Lecoq in Paris is here to get you prepped for all those fun dinners with in-laws and great aunts and uncles. An hour of re-centering your body at the end of hectic year. Using breath and movement exercises to help get out out your head, we'll work towards being grounded during the busy festive time.

The 12 Days of AC-Mas

Join us for 12 one off one hour masterclasses, talk backs and workshops and get into the holiday spirit! 

December 1st: Zoe Barker Q and A

8 pm GMT

Zoe Barker has worked in many different facets of the industry, from acting herself in projects such as Outlander, and CBBC's Last Commanders, to working in top International talent agencies including Intertalent and Independent. She's with us at The AC for an hour to talk about how to have the best relationship with your current agent, how to acquire the best agent for you and how the business side of the industry actually works from negotiating contracts to branding deals.

December 2nd:  Leading Female Q and A

7 pm GMT

The AC is honoured to have the wonderful Charlotte Hope, lead actor on The Spanish Princess, talk about playing a leading female character. What is it like to carry the weight of a full production on your shoulders? How do you prep? How do you sustain your energy through a 6 month intense shoot? What to do and what NOT to do… Questions are welcome. Charlottes work is available on NETFLIX and AMAZON...

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Voice Coach_ Hannah Benjamin
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Leading Actor_ Adam Gillian
RSC Actor Leigh Quinn

December 5th: Enpowering Yourself in our Industry

8 pm GMT

Katie is an actor, life coach and NLP Master Practitioner with a particular focus on the mental health and well-being of actors. During this empowering hour we will be looking at goal setting, to help you make achievable targets to move your career forward and how to destroy some of that negative self talk and limiting beliefs we sometimes place upon ourselves. Katie will share some tips and tricks to help control anxiety especially in high pressured situations and reveal some general techniques to help you be your own best marketing tool in a career where that is vitally important! Hope to see you there! 

December 7th: Cassavetes for Christmas

8 pm GMT

“Fight for your character” a short open workshop about improvising with film and tv scripts, preparing for spontaneity and learning through the work of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands. A work group of 6 actors will work in-front of an open audience. Please email the AC if you would like to participate in the work group - preparation required. Part film club part acting workshop - get some Cassavetes for Christmas!

December 9th: Knight-Thompson Speechwork Articulators Spectacular

7 pm GMT

Christmas means a time for charoling, storytelling, and general merriment! But are your articulators warm enough for this onslaught of festive performance? Never fear, spend an hour with our new voice coach Keith Higinbotham and we'll explore those all important articulators and build up that merry dexterity. Get ready for some worn out faces! It's time for a Knight-Thompson Speechwork Christmasy articulatory EXTRAVAGANZA

December 11th: The Sugar Coated Sisters Talkback

8 pm GMT

Brighton sisters Tabby and Chloe are coming on the platform to tell you how to get Tiktok famous! Just kidding, but these two musical sisters have their backgrounds in theatre and music, and used their creative skills to use when they created their own Tiktok channel centering around empowering women to get over the toxic men that used them. They have 2.9 Million likes on Tiktok and were recently nominated for the Funny Women Content Creator Awards. They'll be talking all about women in comedy, social media, and empowering girls.

December 13th: Accents 101 

8 pm GMT

Our newest voice coach Hannah Benjamin is here to show her skills! Always wanted to learn accents but never knew the first steps? This class will get your articulators moving, laying the foundations for you to be able to try out any accent! This taster session will be fun and it will be fast paced; giving you some of the keys elements to total accent transformation!

December 15th: Bulking for your Superhero Role

8 pm GMT

Duncan Brown is a musical theatre trained actor, who toured with The 12 Tenors, The Broons Scotland Tour and now is a private personal trainer and body builder based in Glasgow. He's here with us for an hour to talk about how to bulk and cut for roles that need it, and how to maintain your physicality, actor's body connection and malleability while doing so. 

December 17th: Grit and Grace

8 pm GMT

How do we keep our heads above water in a temperamental industry, and continue to stay resilient, determined and grateful? Join Tom Milligan (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Doctors) in finding the answer. This class aims to spark your hopefulness and your courage, and together we will discuss how we plan on moving bravely forward into a changing and competitive landscape with our feet on the ground and our heads in the clouds!

December 19th: Acting Through Song

8 pm GMT

Adam Gillian is back with his much loved Acting Through Song class! Adam is currently in Moulin Rouge on the West End and is using his skills to teach us all about how strong singers acting chops need to be!. A one hour deep dive into acting through song, looking at connecting the voice to the storytelling and finding those performing clues in the music!

December 21st: Comedy Christmas

8 pm GMT

Leigh Quinn is here to get you ready for all your reindeer games! Are you terrified of family charades night? Well be no longer! We're ending our 12 Days special with a fun and fancy laughter inducing hour with Leigh. We present a series of improv games and exercises to get you in the festive spirit. Become your best elf and sleigh.


December 1st - December 21st

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