Meisner Course

All Levels

Lead by:

Skye Hallam (Netflix)

In this 8 week all levels Meisner course, you will be going through all of the core elements of Meisner’s repetition exercise, from how it works, why actors use it and how to apply this technique to scenes, monologues and personal character prep work, so you feel confident to go into the industry and make the most out of all you’ve learnt. This is a purely practical course where you will learn through practising and honing these exercises. There will be a lot of repetition of repetition! Meisner’s work is like a gym for an actor, it helps you to flex all of your acting muscles so that you are raring to go when jumping into a scene/monologue.


The classes will be structured around one main goal, whether it be finding your confidence with emotional observation, understanding the 3 moments exercise or applying repetition to text and character, every session will aim for you to feel satisfied, having conquered the basics, ready to try the more advanced exercises. There may be a small scene or monologue to prep prior to certain classes but lots of time will be given to do this prior to the sessions. There may be a mock audition schedule for one session where only 2-3 days for a short scene will be given to test your work under realistic industry timing. Meisner is one of the most valued and exciting acting techniques taught all over the world - this is your chance to learn from RADA trained actor, Skye Hallam, who regularly goes back to RADA for graduate classes herself, proving that this technique is part of an ongoing training that will hopefully start here, on this course!


Beg/Int: September 8th and 15th, 22nd, 29th

October: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

Time (BST)

7:00 - 8:30 pm BST


Online via Zoom

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There will be 12 actors per class

You must be 18+ to participate in this class