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Katie Fry

Katie Louise Fry

Wellbeing and Empowerment coach
Available Over zoom

Katie is a level 4 internationally accredited life coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She is known for being a Wellbeing and Empowerment Coach who specialises in helping people move forward to achieve their goals with a positive and nurtured mindset. 

As a fellow working actor, Katie knows all about the pressures and pitfalls of life as an actor and has combined her love of coaching and support of fellow actors to primarily be an ‘Actor’s Wellbeing and Empowerment Coach’.

Although the skills, techniques and strategies she teaches are transferable to all areas of life, Katie has noticed the difference coaching has made to her clients lives, not only to an actor’s career but also their sense of happiness, fulfilment and contentment in all areas of life. She has seen actors secure amazing jobs following on from this process and has seen her own life completely transform both as an actor and a coach as a result. 

Katie fully believes that going through a coaching programme can be completely life changing and something everyone should have access to. She believes it is the key to being able to live the life of your dreams, for the rest of your days. 

what Actors / clients have said

Katie gave me the tools and structure I needed to take the next steps towards success in this industry. She has one of the most beautiful souls and never made me feel anything but empowered. Her endless knowledge of the industry along with sharing her personal experiences make this course incredibly valuable.  You will come out feeling like you can take on the world.  It was amazing what we were able to accomplish in an hour and she helped me set a plan for my goals. Katie is a ray of sunshine who has a special gift of being able to inspire anyone and make everyone feel valuable. No matter where you are in your acting career, I highly recommend any class with Katie Fry. 

-Sam Conn, USA

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