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Professional Work

Mark Rowley

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Film and TV / Stage / Game Voice Over 

What Actors & Clients have said

“Mark is a fantastic and generous coach. He brings his own humanity to his role as teacher, giving insights into the nuances of things like one's movement or mental state. He redirects, but also encourages. He helps bring out each actor's unique strengths in the scenes they are performing. It has been a real treat learning from an actor who is actively employed in the film industry and has so much experience on set. Taking Mark's class was a rare opportunity for which I am very grateful. I left each session stewing over what was taught, but also feeling lighter and laughing, as Mark brings his genuine sense of humour to everything he does. His passion for his craft is truly evident, as is his desire to help others in the community of actors around the world."

Carly Buhler, Canada

"I can’t begin to thank you enough for what has been an inspiring month of classes. Sharing with us your knowledge and experience. It’s been incredible knowing how you prepare for a role and how you break down a script. One thing I have really picked up on your use of ‘Hope’. Thank you for pushing me to be brave."

- Lucas Ely, UK