The Actor's Community has teamed up with some brilliant performers who are dominating the industry with their vocal athleticism!

They have gained a strong reputation in their professional careers by working on audio books, playing leading roles in computer games, animation, documentary narration and hundred’s of advertisements for TV and Radio. Not to mention working on film and TV sets around the globe…

So look no further for your elite vocal coach.

the voice over queen

Eliza Butterworth is a British/American television, theatre and radio actress who trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.



Accent and dialect coaching will involve an exploration of the ways in which we can differentiate one accent from another by focussing on tone, speech patterns and use of language - with feedback focusing on credibility, consistency and clarity.

Do you need to have a flawless accent for an audition or role? Maybe you want to develop and add a new accent to your tool kit? Let us help you climb into the accent and really claim it as your own.

Don't let vocal limitations ruin your chance of booking your dream job - or ruin a job you booked by an inexcusable accent. There is no excuse for a lack of preparation! You will leave your session with confidence and knowledge, able to put the techniques you learn into practice. Our coaches are friendly and encouraging… but their ears are unforgiving!


Note from Eliza
'I am so enthusiastic about accents and vocal work and I really believe a character can truly lie in an actor’s voice. It is very important for an actor to expand their range in accents and hone down their skills to embody other people and feel confident about interpreting new voices and roles'

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After graduating from RADA in 2014, Eliza went on to star as Lady Aelswith in the epic Netflix drama 'The Last Kingdom‘. Eliza has performed extensively on stage and is a regular artist for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. An experienced voice actor, Eliza has been a voice artist on various BBC Radio 4 plays and video games. Eliza’s American heritage gives her an excellent ear for all US accents and her classical training has enabled her to master the sounds and vocal work for RP and many other accents. 

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