This 2-day, 4 hour course will walk you through exploring and getting to know your boundaries and consent as an actor. You’ll become intimately familiar with your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’, and understand how to best advocate for yourself when your role requires intimate scenes including simulated sex and nudity. Together we’ll explore regulating your nervous system to stay present in your body while pushing up against your comfort zone so that you can simultaneously feel safe in your own skin while delivering a shining performance. A discussion on modesty garments and barriers will include a peek inside an Intimacy Coordinator’s tool kit as well as time for a Q&A. You will walk away with somatic exercises as well as de-roling skills that will bring you peace and comfort while empowering you to do great work in intimate scenes on screen. 

On Screen Intimacy : an IC’s Guide to Boundaries and Advocacy

All Levels

Led By

Amanda Edwards (Intimacy Coordinator, Mental Health Professional)




September 25th and 26th 

Time (BST)



Online via Zoom

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This class is for all levels and is 18+

All Levels

About Amanda

Amanda M. Edwards is a Somatic and Attachment Trauma Therapist, Intimacy Coordinator, and actress based in the United States (on Cheyenne and Arapaho land). After over a decade of clinical work in a mental health setting while acting, dancing, and choreographing ‘on the side,’ Amanda found her perfect fit in Intimacy Coordination. Her passion for storytelling on the screen combined with her expertise in mental healthcare and advocacy have equipped her with a unique skillset as an Intimacy Coordinator. 


Also a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Amanda has the gift of grounding those around her in a seemingly effortless way. Her confidence and calm, even when facing sensitive and taboo topics, instill the same in actors, directors and crew. 

Amanda’s IC training is international. She’s studied under the expert hands at Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, Theatrical Intimacy Education, National Society of Intimacy Professionals, Intimacy Coordinators of Color, Intimacy for Stage and Screen (including consultation with Lizzy Talbot, Intimacy Coordinator for Bridgerton), Heartland Intimacy and Design, and more!