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Award-winning Actor Harry McEntire

harry mcentire

Harry's work has included roles in Tower Block, for his numerous theatre roles, such as in the award-winning London production of Spring Awakening, and for playing Æthelwold in The Last Kingdom as a recurring character over the first two seasons and main cast in the third season.

He has won the Best Actor Manchester Theatre Award in 2015 for his role in Billy Liar, at the Royal Exchange Theatre.

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 acting coach

Harry's availability is sometimes impacted by various projects, particularly voiceover but he is available for coaching and taking classes.

proFesSional work

Film and TV / Stage / Game Voice Over 

what Actors / clients have said

"Harry is a genius one-on-one coach. He is inspiring, insightful, and authentically dedicated to your goals. His greatest gifts are used fully in service to you as an actor---be it for an audition, a character you play currently in TV, Theatre, or Film, or for general practice and development on your own terms. Harry carries an insane capacity for perceiving and pulling forward the less obvious aspects within a script- the unwritten, intuitive, and underlying truths of a character simmering below the surface-- that, in it's reveal, operate to reinforce your craft fully in service to creating work you are fiercely proud of. He will help you breach the distance between very good, and brilliant." 

- Elizabeth Sparks, USA

Harry McEntire is amazingly talented and is always passionate about assisting others in honing their craft.

Esther Goldschlager, USA