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Keith Higinbotham

Keith Higinbotham

Voice and accent Coach
Available in person and over zoom

Keith Higinbotham is an actor with over 15 years experience in the performing arts industry. An obsession with accents and character voices lead Keith to excel in audiobook and video game performance. 


Being a skilled mimic with dialects led Keith to pursue a career in voice training with a view to improve the quality of accents, speech, and voice within the industry. Keith went on to study for an MFA in Voice Studies at the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Exploring renowned speech and voice methodologies helped Keith to understand the science behind accents and how they are formed in the mouth physically. Through this, Keith is able to translate difficult concepts into easy to understand and workable chunks, ensuring each client reaches their goals. 


Keith has taught voice, accents, speech, and acting at some of the UK’s top drama schools and as a neurodivergent practitioner, he understands different learning styles and prides himself on an ever evolving coaching methodology. 


If you're looking to learn an accent, enhance your speech skills, or want to brush up on those all important voice fundamentals, get in touch.

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what Actors / clients have said

Keith Higinbotham is one of the best teachers that I have ever worked with. He is results-oriented; driven by a sincere interest to assist his students in the most efficient and long-lasting ways. He is methodical, kind, and works swiftly to achieve a goal.  Would definitely recommend a session with Keith.

-Esther Goldschlager, USA

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