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What makes us different?

We are not teachers! Our coaches are all working professionally in the industry 

right now. We have award winning actors, directors, dancers and insanely 

talented singers who are willing to share their knowledge. We all share and 

attend each others classes as we love to learn and genuinely want to give back 

to our community. We want to help you grow and flourish as a performer. That is what makes us truly unique!

Whether you are looking to explore new types of roles, keep focused on upcoming projects or are just starting out in your screen career, The Actor's Community is a place where you can grow and continue to build a strong foundation for your work.


We want to build a community where actors can use their downtime to hone and improve their skills, keeping themselves match ready so they can win that important life changing role in the audition room. Affordable lessons and coaching that can really take them to the next level in their career. A place that encourages you to transcend and go above and beyond your capabilities.

The Actor's Community offers a safe space for actors to explore and experiment, providing a wide range of services led by industry professionals.


An international, creative community inspiring
each other to greatness...

Professional acting classes, coaching and workshops
to help you unlock your full potential. 

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PAST GUESTS & masterclasses INCLUDE...

At The Actor's Community, we are lucky to have connections in the industry, providing our members with award winning directors, producers and performers. For a list of our most recent classes, see here!

Oscar Nominated Director

Oscar nominated director, Jamie Donoughue. Acting for TV and Film Masterclass.

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